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Searching for a qualified and reputable tax planning expert to help you protect your assets, reduce taxes, and maximize your estate? At Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C., we are passionate about helping clients preserve their assets, plan for the unexpected, and establish solid estate plans that protect their loved ones for generations to come.

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  • We offer more than 20 years of experience
  • Stuart Lee Sherman has an LL.M. in Taxation from NYU School of Law
  • Personalized strategies tailored to meet your goals

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Why Tax Planning is For Everyone

Tax planning is for everyone, regardless of age or wealth status. While the will is at the foundation of an estate plan, the process is more involved than the disposing of your personal belongings.

An estate plan allows you to choose an executor to settle your estate, it allows you to name a guardian for your minor children should anything happen to you, it allows you to decide who will make your financial and medical decisions if you become incapacitated by advanced age, an injury, or disease, and it allows you to do so much more.

Most people prefer to have a say in what happens to their assets when the inevitable happens, but when you fail to plan, the laws of Michigan make these decisions for you. Our Troy tax planning expert knows that no two clients are alike, and with so many blended families and second and third marriages, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to tax planning, thus, we will help you create a unique plan that is customized to you.

Whether you are interested in tax planning, asset protection, or establishing a revocable living trust, we can guide you through the process and ensure that all of your basis are covered.

Comprehensive Legal Services You Can Trust

If you are in need of comprehensive legal representation, you can turn to our Troy taxe planning firm for unmatched legal representation. At Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C., we provide legal representation in a wide range of areas, including:

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At Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C., we help clients preserve and protect their assets, and plan for long-term financial security. It is never too soon to begin planning for your future, and we can guarantee that once you set a plan in place – you and your loved ones will be very glad you did.

We have two decades of experience, the educational background and insight to provide you with nothing short of superior legal counsel. If you are interested in creating a unique, customized plan that is tailored to your individual goals, contact our Troy tax planning & probate firm today.

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