Estate & Trust Administration

Estate Administration in Oakland County

Losing a loved one is difficult and administering the estate while you are still grieving is even more challenging. Once the court has appointed a personal representative, usually based on a selection in the will or an interested party requesting proceedings, the administration will begin.

The first step is collecting and maintaining the decedent's assets. Not all property goes through the probate process, and our firm can assist you in sorting probate property from nonprobate assets. The personal representative must then pay charges, including:

  • funeral expenses
  • debts
  • taxes

If the decedent left a valid will, the personal representative will then distribute property according to the will. If there was no valid will, the decedent will distribute assets according to intestate laws.

Administering a Trust

If you have been selected as a trustee, our Oakland County estate attorney can help you administer a trust. The trust you are administering probably has terms that you will need to honor. You may also have broad control of the assets and may face difficult choices in regards to how you should invest the property in the trust.

If you do not properly manage the property, you may face charges of trust mismanagement that can lead to serious repercussions. Our firm can interpret the document, explain the legal rules to you and provide counsel as you serve as a trustee.

Seek Assistance from an Oakland County Estate Planning Lawyer

Honoring a loved one's wishes is difficult, and attempting to understand what they wanted can be even more challenging. With more than 20 years of experience, our firm is well-equipped to walk you through the administration process. Attorney Stuart Lee Sherman holds a bachelor's degree in accounting, a Juris Doctorate, and an LL.M. in taxation, which means that he fully understands the scope and financial implications of estates and trusts.

Contact The Law Offices of Stuart Lee Sherman, PC to learn about our client-centered approach to the law and take advantage of our free case evaluat ion for more information about your administration duties.


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