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Oakland County ProbateIf you were recently appointed as a personal representative for your loved one's estate, it is important to note that you are being given many legal responsibilities as an active stakeholder. In this role, you will have many duties to carry out for the estate's interested persons such as creditors, taxation authorities, and beneficiaries. Failing to do so could have serious legal ramifications.

Because you must be responsible, impartially fair, diligent, and prudent in the execution of your duties, you will benefit dramatically from engaging The Law Offices of Stuart Lee Sherman, PC. Not only do we have more than 20 years of experience, but Attorney Sherman is proficient in a variety of tax matters, which is invaluable when filing a decedent's final income tax returns and paying estate taxes (if applicable).

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In this age, it can be easy to revert to do-it-yourself software or computer programs. Unfortunately, these types of systems are created for the general public. This means you will not receive the close, attentive, and tailored legal counsel that your family deserves.

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Because our Oakland County probate lawyer takes the time to get to know your unique story, you can have the confidence of knowing your solution has been completely customized to suit your needs – not someone else's.

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Probate is the administration of a decedent's estate by the personal representative – this process occurs under the jurisdiction of Michigan's county probate courts. The personal representative is appointed by the court after being named in the will, or in the absence of a will, by the interested person asking the court to begin probate proceedings.

The administration of a decedent's estate involves three basic steps once the court has appointed the personal representative:

Oakland County Probate
  1. Securing, valuating and sorting the decedent's property.
  2. Payment of debts, including last illness and funeral expenses, money owned to creditors, taxes, family allowances, and the administration expenses.
  3. Distribution of what's left to the beneficiaries (either named in the will, or if there is no will, in accordance with Michigan's laws of intestate succession).

Your Estate Planning & Probate Questions Answered

Is probate a requirement of the state?
Probate is generally required when a decedent passes away leaving behind property in his or her own name; for example, a house titled in the decedent's name alone.

Does all property pass through probate?
There are types of property that pass automatically to a new owner upon death without being probated. Such property includes: property owned as joint tenants with right of survivorship, beneficiary designated properties (life insurance, pension, IRAs), and property held in a trust.

Is there a way to avoid probate?
Absolutely! With a well-written and executed will, you can help your family avoid the negative repercussions associated with the probate process. Drafting a last will and testament or a trust can help solidify your final wishes and can allow your final wishes to be honored by the courts.

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Most people who are appointed as a personal representative do not have the technical expertise necessary to carry out the responsibilities of settling an estate, thus it is advisable to retain the professional assistance of an Farmington Hills probate lawyer such as Stuart Lee Sherman.

We have thorough knowledge of Michigan's probate laws and would be glad to navigate you through the probate process. We are here to answer your questions, inform you of your rights and responsibilities, and guide you every step of the way!

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