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A will is an estate planning tool that allows an individual to determine how property will be distributed after they pass on. Additionally, a will can select a personal representative to honor your last wishes and a guardian to care for your minor children.

Michigan states that a will is valid if its creator is at least 18 years of age with sound mind and it is signed by the testator and at least two witnesses. Holographic wills, or unwitnessed, handwritten wills are also valid. Almost every adult should draft a will, and an Oakland County estate planning attorney can help you plan for your loved ones.

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Michigan Intestate Succession Laws

  • If you do leave a valid will, the state will select an administrator and determine how your assets are distributed.
  • If you leave children but no surviving spouse, your children will inherit the estate.
  • If you leave a spouse but no lineal heirs or surviving children, your spouse is entitled to all of the property.
  • If your spouse and children survive you, your spouse receives the first $150,000 of the property as well as half of the remaining property, and your children share the other half.
  • If your parents and spouse survive you and you do not have children, your spouse inherits the first $150,000 and three-fourths of the remaining balance, and your parents inherit the remaining quarter.

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