What Is Tax Planning?

Oakland County Tax Specialist

Tax planning occurs when you organizine your affairs in a tax-efficient manner. When you plan taxes, you must consider your salary, property, loans, gifts and more to ensure that you are properly saving on taxes. Tax planning can include a variety of actions, including timing investments to receive the best tax benefits and selecting a tax-effective retirement plan. One of the most important aspects of tax planning is to continue investing and to not let the fear of being taxed be counterproductive to achieving your financial goals.

The Process of Tax Planning in Michigan

The first step of tax planning is to discuss what you would like to accomplish. We understand that everyone has different goals, and we pride ourselves on providing clients with personalized attention. After we have talked about what you would like to gain, we can estimate the taxes you will face on existing income and investments as well as possible investments. The last step is to organizine your investments in a way that helps you achieve your goals while facing the least amount of taxes. If you are interested in planning with the most tax effective financial options, enlist the guidance of Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C..

Seek Qualified Assistance from an Oakland County Tax Professional

With over 20 years of experience, our firm is prepared to assist you with efficient tax planning. Stuart Lee Sherman earned his bachelor's degree in accounting, a Juris Doctorate, and an LL.M. in taxation. He is highly qualified to design a plan to help you avoid taxes and achieve your financial goals. Contact Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C. for all of your tax needs today!