Corporation Income Tax

Tax Resolution Specialist in Oakland County

In many regards, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can view a corporation as an individual. The agency has an interest in the income that a corporation collects or earns, specifically in regards to the state and federal taxes that can be imposed against corporation income. If you are an executive or president at a corporation, you must be aware of the potential tax issues that can arise due to corporation income tax.

The IRS may become involved in your corporation if:

  • There are missing finances on a tax report.
  • Tax returns are filed late or erroneously.
  • Your corporation is categorized incorrectly.
  • Noticeable discrepancies exist on your tax return.

The IRS potentially has much to lose if your corporation income tax does not align with its records and what it expects in your tax return. It will not be lenient when auditing or investigating your case. Prepare as much as you can by teaming up with Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C. Call 248.919.8029 today to begin.

Put a Certified Public Accountant in Your Corner

Just as the IRS has much on the line when considering your income taxes, of course, so does your corporation. In turn, everyone employed by your corporation could be negatively affected by a discrepancy that brings about federal penalties, such as fines, sanctions, or the dismantling of your company. To protect yourself, your name, your corporation, and all parties involved with it, let Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Stuart Sherman help you with your case.

By becoming a CPA, Mr. Sherman has:

  • Passed the arduous CPA Exam.
  • Been licensed by Michigan as a CPA.
  • Unparalleled knowledge of taxes and finances.
  • Unique insight into tax resolution cases.

Dealing with the IRS can be intimidating due to the agency’s power, size, and resources. Make things simpler and gain much needed confidence by retaining the services of a CPA you can trust. Visit our testimonials today to see some 5-star reviews from past clients that have leaned on Oakland County tax resolution specialist Stuart Sherman and found an amicable solution to their corporate and individual income tax issues.

Your Corporation is Your Livelihood – Protect It with Our Help

Corporation income tax disputes can be sources of significant hardship if handled incorrectly. You need to be certain that the help you retain for your case is capable of overcoming any challenge. At Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C., we are committed to upholding your corporation through our efforts and seeking only the smartest solutions to state or federal tax troubles, tax liability, tax debt, and more. Request your free consultation with our Oakland County tax resolution professional today by calling 248.919.8029 or filling out an online contact form.