Individual Income Tax

Oakland County Tax Resolution Specialist

Most people who collect individual income tax are acutely aware of the complications that can arise due to it. If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking at your individual income tax return, or planning an audit that targets your finances, you need to start considering the services of a tax resolution professional right away. At Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C., our Oakland County tax resolution specialist makes it easy for you to get through this complex and difficult time with as little pressure on you as possible.

People choose to work with our tax planning office because:

  • We have 20+ years of industry experience.
  • Stuart Lee Sherman is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • We are well-versed in all forms of tax resolution.
  • Our office is backed by happy client testimonials.

You do not need to worry about reaching into your pocketbook just to talk to us. All initial consultations are free at our tax resolution office.

How We Can Help Your Tax Dispute

The IRS is keenly aware of your individual income tax amount and how it should reflect when you file your return. If there are any discrepancies, you will likely be hearing from this formidable government agency. Without a proper explanation of the source of the issue, or a thorough examination of the evidence brought forth by the IRS or any agencies it recruits, you could end up in dire straits.

Allow us to help you by:

  • Devising a plan: There is nothing the IRS expects of you after discovering a discrepancy in your individual income tax return that will be brand new and alarming to our tax resolution office. Just let us know what is happening during a no-cost case evaluation and we can start working on a plan to set things right, whether that includes an offer-in-compromise, an adjustment to your tax debt, or other resolutions.
  • Acting on your behalf: You can talk to CPA Stuart Lee Sherman about acting on your behalf during your interactions with the IRS. By assigning him power of attorney in your case, you can allow our office to take control of the situation directly, communicating and negotiating with the IRS. We want you to be comfortable throughout your individual income tax dispute case and this might be the best way to ensure that happens.

Tax Resolution from a CPA – Call 248.919.8029

As a Certified Public Accountant, our office will know what to do and why to do it when an issue regarding individual income taxes arises. Contact our Oakland County tax resolution professional today by calling 248.919.8029 to start discussing your options.