Oakland County Tax Debt Resolution

Tax Relief in Oakland, Macomb, & Wayne Counties

The IRS encourages those who are struggling to pay outstanding taxes to take advantage of available options and seek tax debt resolution assistance. Tax debt resolution may require a person to hire a tax professional or other type of agent to reach a tax settlement with the IRS. Although people may be embarrassed to ask for tax relief assistance, hundreds of people are suffering from tax debt. A professional may help a person avoid the negative consequences that may occur when filing for a postponement of collection actions, flexibility for missed payments, and other various tax debt resolution options. If you need tax debt resolution assistance, please contact the Oakland County tax resolution specialist at The Offices of Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C.

Do Not Give Up - Seek Professional Aid

Some taxpayers falsely believe that their situation is too complicated to receive assistance, and choose to file bankruptcy. Although filing for bankruptcy may be a viable option for some, it is not the only resolution for tax debt. It is ideal to seek a professional's help for federal tax and state tax debt resolution. They may be able to help with filing petitions, temporary delaying payments, installment agreements, and penalty abetments. Tax professionals are experts in negotiating with the IRS, and may be able to reach a settlement that a person may not achieve without experienced tax assistance.

Contact Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C.

The Offices of Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C. understand that people may be suffering from tax debt burdens, and they would like to assist their clients in any way possible. Stuart Lee Sherman has a bachelor's degree in accounting, a Juris Doctorate, as well as an LL.M. in taxation and has the experience and capability to help clients negotiate with the IRS and the State of Michigan. There is no need to suffer in silence, or become further and further buried under tax debt. Once you have reached a successful tax settlement, you will be able to move on with your life and your tax debts will quickly become a distant memory. Please contact our office, or fill out a free case evaluation to learn more about how our tax resolution specialist may be able to help you.