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If you owe state back taxes, there are multiple strategies you may utilize to resolve your state tax debts. Hiring an experienced attorney, certified public account (CPA), or other agent may increase your chances of successfully receiving a tax debt resolution. At Stuart Lee Sherman, we have helped numerous clients pay off their tax debts in ways that were acceptable for both them and the State of Michigan. Our Oakland County tax resolution specialist may prepare and represent a client in an informal conference with the Michigan Tax Tribunal, help them receive a temporary delay, ask for an installment agreement, or obtain penalty abetments for their tax debt.

Ways to Resolve State Tax Debts in Farmington Hills

An informal conference allows taxpayers to informally discuss and support their reason for not having the ability to pay owed taxes to the state. They must bring supporting documentation, and an informal conference needs to be requested in writing within the timeframe allowed by the statute governing the tax. Informal conferences are free of charge, and are conducted by a neutral hearing referee chosen by the Department of Treasury. The Michigan Tax Tribunal is an administrative court that hears tax appeals for all taxes in the State of Michigan, and allows a person to file a petition with the desire to appeal tax debt. For people who do not wish to partake in an informal conference, they may be able to ask for a temporary delay for their back tax payments. Temporary delays are ideal for those who cannot pay their debts, and have the ability to prove that paying said debts within the timeframe will compromise their way of life. An installment agreement is another form of tax debt resolution, and offers two types of payment options. There is the paid in full option, which allows a person to borrow money to pay their necessary taxes. A short-term payment extension option allows a person to request a six month extension by proving financial hardship. People may also ask for penalty abatement, which is when the IRS forgives certain penalties that have been added to their tax debt.

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If you wish to settle tax debt with the IRS and/or State of Michigan, The Offices of Stuart Lee Sherman, PC may assess your financial situation, and determine which type of tax debt resolution method is best for you. There are many different ways to minimize or eliminate a person's state and federal taxes, but it may be beneficial to hire an experienced tax resolution professional for assistance. Please contact our office, or fill out a free case evaluation to discover how we can help you lessen your tax burden.