Oakland County Tax Liability Professional

Real Solutions for Your Tax Liabilities

With the recent economic downturn, many taxpayers are in a situation where they feel overwhelmed and helpless. Whether you're an independent contractor and you've failed to file your tax returns, or if you're facing fines, wage garnishments or levies, or if the IRS has notified you that you're being audited, it's not uncommon to feel as if you have nowhere to turn. However, you do have rights and you do have options that are available to help you resolve your tax liabilities.

Regardless of the size of your tax debt or the complexity of the situation, an experienced Oakland county tax specialist from Stuart Lee Sherman, P.C. can help you. Our founder, Stuart Lee Sherman has a J.D. (law degree), a bachelor's degree in accounting and an LL.M. in taxation. What's more, he's served Birmingham as the mayor in 2009 and 2015 and is the current commissioner, making him well-equipped to resolve your tax liability matter once and for all!

What choices do you have?

Whether you have accumulated tax debt to the IRS or to the state of Michigan that you can't afford to pay, our firm can inform you of all of your available options to either reduce or eliminate your tax debt. The worst thing you can do is ignore your taxes, since doing so could result in the realistic possibility of wage garnishments, tax liens, seizure of assets or property, excessive interest and penalties and other serious consequences.

On May 21, 2012, the IRS announced "more flexible offer-in-compromise" terms through another expansion of its "Fresh Start" initiative. Since the IRS recognizes that many taxpayers are still struggling to pay their bills, the agency is working to enact more common sense changes to the OIC program so that reflects real-world situations.

In addition to the OIC program, other options to address tax liabilities include: installment agreements, placing taxpayers in a "currently non-collectible status," penalty abatement, and deferments of tax liabilities. Essentially, the IRS and the Michigan Department of Treasury have every desire to get taxpayers back in compliance. Our goal is to get these authorities to sympathize with your situation and consider your current income and assets, living expenses, and other factors in order to reduce your tax liabilities. With over 20 years of experience, we can focus on building and presenting a strong case on your behalf!